Hacks Around the Home

There are so many new gadgets and gizmos out in the world to make our lives around the house a lot easier. Lights you can clap on and off, systems that automate your every household switch, ways to start your home heating up while you’re still at work!! Modern life is a fascinating thing, and you can buy something for almost every purpose you can think of!

But how about if you don’t have the money to spend on every new mod con? Well here are some hacks that can make your life a lot more simple around the house without spending the big bucks. Take a look and see what you can incorporate into your life around the house.

In The Living Room

Lets start in the family center, the living room. Here are a bunch of ideas that can keep your living area clean and organized but stylish at the same time.

Hiding your router

You can do this by creating a fake book display, simply get together around five to seven books that have a spine with a colour scheme that suits your home. You can purchase old book from a second hand store or garage sales for a very small price. Cut the spine off the books you with to have in the middle. Then for the books you wish to have each end cut them in a way that the spine and one of the sides is still there. Then make a box like frame, you could make this out of wood or even out of an old shoe box, and attach the book spines to it so from the front it looks like a row of books, but t really is a great place to hide your router. A fake book design like this is a great place to store other thins you need close by but that aren’t that attractive or in keeping with the style of your home. Give it a try!

Keeping track of your remotes

Remote controls are one of those things that are always going missing. They turn up in the strangest places, in different rooms, the pantry, the bathroom!! Or down the crack in the sofa you swore you’d checked five times already! So here are a few handy ways to keep track of them by creating a place just for them, that way everyone knows where they live and it’s easy to put something away when it has a home.

Make a book box

Back to books again. You can create a box by hollowing out the inside of an old book. This works better with thick hardcover books. You can either choose an old book you already like the look of, or decorate and paint it yourself in fun patterns. It’s best to use a Stanley knife to cut the inside of the pages out, allow enough space for your remotes, then using a strong craft glue, rub it over the outsides of the pages to help bind it together and create strong walls. It’s a fun and interesting way to store those remotes and add some extra décor into your home.


From those not so craft inclined there it the beauty of Velcro. You can buy it in long strips you can cut up or in circles you can just peel and stick. Peel off one side of the Velcro and stick it in a few places along the back of your remote. Then stick the opposing sides somewhere accessible but also a bit hidden like the side of your tv, or the side of your coffee table or TV cabernet. This way there are always on hand to take on and off and you wont be wasting any of your viewing time trying to search for them

In The Kitchen

There never seems to be enough storage space in the kitchen and draws are always cluttered. So here are a few easy to do yourself hacks to help maximize your space in the kitchen while keeping everything in order.

Plastic bags

There are always floating around and taking up space. Try using an empty tissue box instead to store them in. A tissue box already has a great easy access pocket and you can also either Velcro or glue it to the inside of one of your cupboards this will keep it from floating around and taking up much needed space.

More Draws!

When you have run out of draws and shelf space in the pantry, create your own!

You can do this by using a plastic shoe organizer and hanging it in the door of your pantry. It’s individual spaces are great for all those fiddly little packets that end up cluttering up your shelf space.

Another option is to put things in boxes on your existing shelves. Show boxes work really well for this, or if you like the fancier look, try some nice lined wicker boxes. With these you can organize things into groups so you don’t spend hours rummaging around trying to find that balsamic vinegar! Sort your pantry into groups and you’ll save time as well as making things a lot neater and better organized.

In The Laundry

The laundry is a space where a lot of miscellaneous items turn up, or things are thrown into the back of cupboards never to be seen again. Here are some ideas to help you organize a little better.

Ironing boards

The ironing board is something that is always getting in the way, either getting wedged in any small space or falling out of already full cupboards. There’s a simple trick. Get two coat hooks and attach them to the back of either your laundry door or the inside of one of the cupboard doors. You can then easily hook on the end of your ironing board. Easy to store and no chance of it falling out on you!


If you’re a user of a dyer then you’ll love this simple hack. Just scrunch up a bit of aluminum foil and use it as a dyer sheet! It removes the static and you can use the same piece over and over, how good it that!!

In The Bathroom

The bathroom is where worlds tend to collide. Everyone wants their own bathroom space and things end up everywhere. So a very simple solution can to get every member of the family their own bathroom box! You can buy great little open boxes or baskets to suit your home, or even just reuse old shoe boxes. Once everyone has their own box then that is where their own things stay. Say good by to bathroom clutter and hello to a new clean and tidy space.


Now here is a cleaning tip that will change your life. To get rid of all the build up on your shower head, you don’t need to scrub away with awful chemicals, simply get a zip lock bag and fill it will distilled water and vinegar then use and elastic band to hold it in place over the shower head overnight and the next morning wake up so a clean and sparkling shower head! Almost no work necessary!

Speaking of showers, try hanging a bunch of eucalyptus from your shower. When you take a hot shower the steam will not only invigorate you and clean your lungs but also make the bathroom smell amazing.

In The Bedroom

Everyone’s bedroom is a personal space, which is why they so often end up so messy!! Clothes can often be the main offenders, trying to shove everything in to tiny draws then never knowing what’s on the bottom so somehow the top contents always end up scattered over the floor…Sound familiar? Here is one mind blowing, and seemingly strange idea at first. Try putting your clothes away vertically! Yes! This way you are able to see all the contents of your draws at once instead or riffling through and messing things up. Try it out, you may be surprised.


Now this one is a beauty for the denim lovers out there. You may have seen this in trendy stores, but it’s something you can easily do yourself. This is an amazing way to hang your jeans if you’re not a fan of folding and we all know how annoying pants hangers can be! So try some simple S hooks. You can pick them up from your local hardware store for not much at all. Just hand the hooks over your closet rod and then hook on your jeans using their belt loops. It’s as simple as that, saves space and you don’t have to worry about ironing them after having annoying fold lines.

Give It A Go!

Try these quick and easy hacks to organize your home better and see how you go. Once you get your brain thinking of hacks there’s no knowing what brilliant ideas you’ll come up with your self that are quick easy and cost effective.