Study Hacks

If you are studying then I don’t need to tell you twice how it seems like you are never on top of things. There is always study to be done even when you think your brain can’t cram anymore in. And if you have the stresses of having to pay rent and buy food, chances are you have a part or full time job also to juggle. Not to mention a social life! So how do you find enough time to fit it all in? Bellow are a few hacks that can help optimize your study time and free up more space in your life so you don’t have to feel guilty about attending that party on Friday night!

 It’s all in the timing!

You’ve often heard people identify themselves as a morning person or a night own, referring to when they feel most awake and productive. Well We can’t always choose the perfect time to study, we have to work around other commitments of course but sometimes you can adjust your schedule a bit more to suit you so it’s worth taking note of what time of the day you feel most productive and then use this time to get stuck into some serious work. Sometimes waking up that extra bit earlier you can fit so much more in and get a lot of study out of the way when your mind is fresh. Or perhaps you get your second wind in the afternoon.


Sleep, yes I know what you’re thinking, when do you have time to fit that in? Well you need to make time because studies have shown that trying to study on a tired mind is counter productive. The best sleep you can get is at night before midnight. I may not sound realistic but if you can train yourself to become a morning person instead it’s well worth it. Getting enough sleep is vital to a healthy functioning brain, which means a smarter you!

Get your priorities straight!

Yes, stop procrastinating and take a look at what you really prioritize in your life. If study isn’t right up there then you either need to have a reflection of how interested you are in what you are learning or take a hard look at what you can cut out or reduce in your life to make study one of your top priorities. There is often a lot of time spend during the day in mindless activities, checking your phone or watching YouTube. If your social life is really important to you then instead of cutting it out entirely try cutting out that wasteful time binge watching TV or just ‘hanging out’ and use that time to be productive, that way when there is an event you really want to go to, you’ve gotten enough done so you don’t have to feel guilty.


Let’s get organized. This isn’t just about your study schedule but your life! Making a study schedule is a great idea. Get yourself a diary or create your own personalized weekly schedule and then get to playing tetras. Put in each day the most important things you need to get done and how much study time you need to achieve each day, then juggle them around to it all fits. Work it out on some scrap paper first; just getting it onto paper helps you have a better perspective of what is really important. Once it is all down and you’ve allotted time for things then make a good copy and keep it on your phone or a hard copy above your study desk.

Organizing your time is not the only important step; you also need to have an organized space to study in. Try to keep your desk clean and clear of distracting things. If you study in your room then have a good tidy once a week just to make sure the space around you is more calming and conducive to focusing on the task at hand. If you are in an environment where it is hard to study, maybe you have loud housemates or not enough space in your own room it may be best to find another work space. Public libraries are always great places to study, there is a pretty strict quiet policy enforced often by women you wouldn’t want to mess with. So it could be a great alternative as a place to be free of distractions.

Focus On Your Goal

Sometimes in the midst of studying and the stress of exams it’s easy to lose sight of why on earth you are subjecting yourself to this and not just spending your days in lounging in the sun. So to keep yourself motivated try making a moodboard, or if you don’t want to get overly crafty then get a few pictures that are your inspiration for the work you will be able to do once you have your degree. Any kind of pictures that help remind you of why you are doing what you are doing keep your goal in mind. You can put up great things to put up around the place or even keep in the front of your note books so that when you feel like your attention is waning and your desire is slipping you can take a glance and remember what it is all for.